Hmm and Versailles and things

Should maybe start using this...I've had it long enough... but I don't really have anything to say. Poor empty account...can't even remember my old one.

I wish I was still in France. Paris is such a lovely city in the summer.

I love French Jrock fans. Although, all it really does is highlight how many posers there are in the UK. It's quite sad well everyone seems to get on in France, and then, in London, everyone's just split up into their little groups, complaining about each other.

Versailles were definitely better in Paris. There were just too many sound problems in London, and a lot of annoying people. But, I don't think anything is ever going to be more memorable than watching Hizaki fall over. It just seemed so surreal at the time, and like everything was in slow motion. He didn't stop playing though, which is pretty impressive, since not only did he fall, but he couldn't get back up without help either. It does amuse me that Teru tried to distract people while he was trying to get up though, even when it was obvious everyone was watching Hizaki, and watching Kamijo try not to laugh at him.


Going to see Gackt three days after that wasn't such a clever idea though, especially not when it was literally off the Eurostar and into the gig. It was so exhausting, but, skipping Gackt because you're 'tired' is not an excuse. Not when you've waited six years to see the man.

Mm... I need to finish some Fanfiction.. I just can't be bothered. The in progress ones have just gotten so long and complicated, my brain just isn't in the mood for it.

I'm going to go back to playing guitar for a while.